What do we mean by matrimony fraud ? How to protect ?

After they post an impressive online profile on a matrimonial site, posing as prospective bridegroom or bride, fraudsters befriend women/men. They use different online tools like voice-changing apps to pose as the parents or relatives of the bridegroom/bride,most of the time the voice used is of females,to give safe feel.when talking to the women/men, they tryto con. Once they gain confidence, the fraudsters ask women/man use different mode of con,like to transfer money into their bank accounts stating an emergency..sometime they want to meet for more confidence or creating a big scam,they gain your emotions and interact with your telling that they got a brighter business or job offer,they take money,scaming you by showing a visual of brighter future with that job.After finance transaction they disappear without a trace as soon the money is transferred and the cycle continues

 Measure to be taken to prevent from such people :

  • Never give your financial information, such as Credit Card number, to people you befriend on the internet.
  • You need to check criminal background check of the person.
  • Choose public places for meetings.
  • Requests to send money to be ignored and report the matter to authorities immediately.
  • Keep your friends or family informed about where and who you are meeting.
  • Beware of a person who quickly asks to contact from a different email ID or messaging service, asks for your address, etc.



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