Why the silence on the growing age of marriage ...?

Why the silence on the growing age of marriage ...?

28-32-year-old young girls are sitting single, then why are the actors of society silent?

A serious problem of boys and girls sitting in a bachelor is emerging as common in all societies today.

Age is one of the reasons in this, but the problem has now progressed even further.

Because girls from 30 to 35 years are also sitting virgin. Age is not the only reason for this problem.

In such a situation, neither the eyes nor the relatives of any society nor the relatives and relatives of

the society are looked after by the dreams of boys and girls. Our thinking has become entangled in

what we mean. Of course, this truth may seem bitter to anyone but this is the reality of every society,

after 25 years girls are not able to adapt to the in-laws environment, because their habits become firm and strong,

now they cannot be twisted or bent due to which Debates, debates, divorces happen at home, children are from

Caesarean operation, due to which many diseases have to be faced later.

The age of the girl for marriage should be 18 years and the age of the boy should be 21 years, now it is just left in the figures.

There was a time when, due to a joint family, all the families used to get their relatives and acquaintances married.

But the growing single families have made this problem more serious. Now the situation has become such that single-family

practice has ended mutual love behavior. Now in the investigation for marriage, no one else is negative or does not make their

special relatives negative and spoil the relationship.

Higher education and high job increasing age

Though education has been a basic necessity since the beginning, for the last one and a half decades, it has been replaced by

higher education or, say, a food-earning degree. To fulfill this, usually the age of the boy is 23-24 or more. For two-three years,

it keeps on working or doing business. Apparently, by the time this happens, the boy's age is around 30. If the relationship has

been reached so long, otherwise the eyes of the people change. That is, 50 questions arise.

This stage of age worries


According to nature, the stay of 30 plus is worrying. Not only boys and girls, but also his parents, siblings, family, and relatives.

Attempts were made from all sides as well, the matter was also well-known, but even after every possible effort,

their concern increases if the relationship does not sit. Not only this, for doubts and solutions, they went to the temples,

even offered prayers, what the famous experts told them, they also took all measures but the matter did not work out.

The mathematics of curriculum vitae on Matrimony websites and WhatsApp does not appear to be effective in this.

It is difficult to have a relationship without a mediator. But no one wants to become a mediator. But who should explain to

them that when we do not become mediators of anyone, then nobody will become ours too? We are also creating a problem

that we are becoming secluded rather than social.

Where do young minds go

After explaining their mind, how long will the fate depend on the youth? Disgusted with his own and troubled by his heart, t

he youth feels cheated despite everything. The extent is reached when everyone meets in a ceremony and talks to each other,

but what happens to that youth at that time, he only knows. In such a situation, despite not wanting many times, he is forced

to move there, where perhaps a decent man does not even think to go or sits in such a notorious company.

Desires, immense, desire

You and we are well aware of the wishes of every girl and her father. The daughter-in-law's spouse should have a home of her own,

car, no responsibility of a family, to travel and to have a hobby according to the era and earning so fast that all dreams can

be fulfilled, then the only thing can be done is. Although not everyone's wishes are like this, but everyone wants the same.

Probably not every girl thinks that she has a boy too, so is my son capable of accomplishing all this for someone else. That is,

a poor father also wants to marry his daughter to a rich boy and the father of a rich girl will marry the rich. So what will

happen to a normal family boy? This is a worrying topic that has come before everyone. One should see each other's personal

and family and not money. Many such relationships are also in front of us that when married, the boy was financially normal

but after marriage, he became very strong financially. There are also cases that the boy was very rich at the time of marriage

and now the situation is normal. That is why Lakshmi keeps coming, it is just a game of luck.


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